1T BX Model Wall Mounted Jib Crane Delivered to India

09 26,2017 Posted in Delivery

  • Model: 1T BX Type Wall Mounted Jib Crane
  • Capacity: 1 t
  • Working radius: 4m
  • Lifting height: 4m
  • Lifting speed: 8m/min
  • Lifting motor power:1.5kw
  • Hoist traveling speed: 20m/min
  • Hoist traverse motor power:0.2kw
  • Slewing speed: 0.5 r/min
  • Slewing motor power:0.4kw
  • Slewing angle:180°
  • Control mode: Remote control
  • Working voltage: AC 415V 50HZ 3Ph
  • QTY: 12 Sets

This project is from India client, this is our first cooperation, it takes about 15 days to close this deal, which reflects that our client is satisfied with our product and service. These cranes will be installed in column and is used to lift steel parts, no special requirements on speed, so we choose CD electric hoist with remote control for our client. For the jib crane slewing motor, we adopt soft start motor, which can make the crane slew stably. All these design is based on the client actual work condition, so that our products can meet client requirements to the full extent. This is also reason why we finish this order in so short time.

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