European Type Wire Rope Electric Hoist & Hoist Trolley

Category: Electric hoist and Trolley

Application: The European Type Wire Rope Hoist is safe and efficient to operate and meet current requirements of low noise and environmental protection Equipped with intelligent safe operation monitoring recorder like the “black box” on a plane which can uninterruptedly record working status and prevent unprofessional operations.

ND wire rope hoist trolley

Product introduction

ND model European Type Wire Rope electric hoist create maximum value for our customers with its excellent durability, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Based on FEM European standard and the Germany DIN standards design and manufacturing, our new energy saving product. Product performance has reached an international advanced level, with eleven patent protections. The machine uses free maintenance modular design, C-type structure arrangement, compact structure, smooth lifting and operation, precise positioning, the maximum lifting capacity of 80 tons. From structure difference, it can be classified running low headroom monorail trolley type and double girders trolley type.


  • High Security: Security monitoring system equipped with overload limiter and real-time load value is displayed on the screen to prompt the operator to prevent overloading.
  • High Reliability: Motors imported from Germany, electrical connection sustained rate of not less than 60%, insulation class F, protection class IP54. And it has overheated protection and alarm functions, motor housing made of aluminum alloy drawing molding with excellent heat dissipation.
  • High Efficiency: Lifting motor with squirrel-cage cylindrical 2/12 pole double speed brake motors, speed ratio 6:1, hoist work levels can reach M6. Running gear adopts frequency control, running speed at 2 ~ 20m / min
  • Modular design: The overall layout is the parallel type (C -type structure), which means the drum is arranged through the gear unit and motor with a small limit size and compact structure;
  • Humanization Design: Hoist operation and main beam running adopt variable frequency motor to realize stepless, which used in the precision installation, with PLC programmable logic controllers to realize anti-sway positioning and other functions.
  • Maintenance Free: Maintenance-free design of the whole body and less wearing parts make WH wire rope electric hoist convenient to maintain.
  • Lifting Motor
    • Asynchronous Conical rotor motor with brake inside
    • Large torque, effective braking, compact structure
    • Stable operation, small size, light weight
    • Safe usage and easy maintenance
    • B or F class insulation, IP54, IP55 protection
  • Travelling Motor
    • Asynchronous Conical rotor motor with brake inside
    • Stable starting, effective braking
    • Assorted with reducer
    • B or F class insulation, fully covered
    • IP54 ,IP55protection
  • Lifting Reducer
    • Three-level dead axle helical gear rotating body, long service life
    • Gear and the axle made of alloy steel after heat treatment, high intensity
    • Box and cover made from superior cast iron, fully covered
    • Great speed ratio, high accuracy
    • Compact structure, silent operation, high efficiency
    • Machinery oils
    • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Rope Drum
    • Welding rope drum, light dead weight
    • Coil casing made from superior cast iron, high intensity
    • Rope guide avoids intertwining of wire rope, ensures normal operation
    • Extend the rope and drum's lifetime
    • No disturbance between rope socket
    • Easily interchangeable, high quality
  • Electrical components and parts
    • Electrical components select Schneider, Siemens, ABB and other international brands
    • Electric control box protection rating of not less than IP54
  • Hook block: Germany DIN standard high strengthen hook blocks

Technical Detail

Electrical components and parts

Electrical components and parts


Hook block

Hook block


Lifting motor and reducer

Lifting motor and reducer


Rope Drum

Rope Drum


Traveling motor

Traveling motor



Capacity(T) Working Class Lifting Height(m) Lifting Speed(m/min) Rope Reeving Travelling Speed(m/min) Trolley Gauge(mm) Trolley Base Distance(mm) Trolley Height(mm) Hook Top Lift Limitation(mm) Max Wheel Load(KN) Weight(kg)
3.2 M5 6 0.8/5.0 4/1 2~20 1500 800 450 222 11.9 510
9 525
12 540
6.3 M5 6 0.8/5.0 4/1 2~20 1600 1000 450 480 20.9 632
9 652
12 672
10 M5 6 0.8/5.0 4/1 2~20 1500 1000 441 500 30 871
9 896
12 921
12.5 M5 6 0.66/4.0 4/1 2~20 1500 1000 441 500 40.5 890
9 915
12 940
16 M5 6 0.66/4.0 4/1 2~20 1800 1200 518 550 59.4 1314
9 59.7 1348
12 60 1381
20 M5 6 0.5/3.4 4/1 2~20 1800 1200 582 610 59.5 1718
9 1766
12 1814
32 M5 6 0.8/3.3 6/1 2~20 2300 2200 740 1241 95 2826
9 2920
12 2800 104 3091
18 3199
40 M5 6 0.82~4.9 8/1 2~20 2300 1770 731 1516 124
9 3474
12 3563
50 M5 6 0.53~3.2 12/2 2~20 2300 2000 821 1500 97.1 4430
9 2800 97.8 4650
12 3300 98.7 4970
63 M5 6 0.4~2.4 16/2 2~20 2200 2000 1050 1650 112.1 5450
9 2800 112.5 5700
12 3400 112.9 5950
80 M5 6 0.4~2.4 16/2 2~20 2300 2000 1110 1650 140.3 5920
9 3000 140.7 6170
12 3700

Services We Offer

Product Inspections

We will provide some free testing and reporting, if you need a third party test report, please inform in advance, and the buyer to pay the relevant costs.


Unless otherwise provided, Our Company will comply only with its minimum packing standards for the method of transportation selected. The cost of all special packing, loading or bracing requested by Buyer will be paid for by Buyer.


We have professional and efficient transport team. Transport to custo-mer specified port and ship on time. Unless otherwise provided, Our Company shall use its judg-ment in determining carrier and routing.


Provide installation files , technical data , videos , drawing etc. Have a professional team of engineers, engineers available to service machinery overseas.

After-sale services

Guarantee the machine could meet production technical standard and performance requirements indi-cated in the contract. Rich spare parts and Professional main-tenance team, technical support team to communicate in time.


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