Quenching Crane

Category: Other Special Cranes

Application: Quenching crane is used for vertical well-quenching heat treatment craft, with falling fast and emergency loose brake in an accident.

Quenching crane

Product introduction

Quenching crane is the overhead crane, which is used for vertical shaft quenching heat treatment, and with the function of rapid decline and can have an emergency brake. It's special hoisting equipment used in heat treatment workshop, usually adopts double beam single trolley structure form.

The main function of quenching crane is to quickly dip the hot workpiece into the quench pit (quench well) to finish the quenching.


  • The driver's room must have an emergency escape device or a passageway to ensure that the driver can reach the safe position (the building passage or the ground) in case of an accident;
  • The quenched crane shall be equipped with an emergency brake mechanism to ensure that the driver can quickly put the workpiece into the quench pit (quenching well) in case of an accident. This device shall be inspected and maintained regularly;
  • The lifting mechanism of the quenching crane shall set up the anti-splash device.


Quenching Ladle Crane Technical Specifications
Capacity (t) Span (m) Lifting Height (m) Work Duty Main Lifting Speed (m/min) Aux Lifting Speed (m/min) Crab Travelling Speed (m/min) Trolley Travelling Speed (m/min) Power (kw) Rail
5 10.5~16.5 16 A7 12.9 39.5 93.7 24.5 43kg/m
19.5~31.5 95.2 27.1
10 10.5~22.5 20 13 35.2 95.2 40.1
25.5~31.5 88.3 45.5
16/3.2 10.5~16.5 16/18 10.9 11.5 31 87.8 54.3 43kg/m or QU70
19.5~31.5 90.4 59.7
20/5 10.5~16.5 12/14 9.8 12.7 37 88.3 71.7
19.5~31.5 90.9 79.7
32/5 10.5~16.5 16/18 7.7 12.7 37.6 90.9 90.5 QU70
19.5~31.5 77 90.5
50/10 10.5~16.5 12/16 6.3 10.5 31.8 77 118.5 QU80
19.5~31.5 77.8 130.5
74/20 13.5~19.5 20/22 6.4 9.7 37.2 67.4 200 QU100
22.5~31.5 77 214
100/32(Double Girder) 19.5~28.5 20/22 7.5 10.5 38 68 393 QU120
100/32(Four Girder) 19~28 20/22 7.5 12 32.5/37.4 78 426.5
125/32(Double Girder) 19.5~28.5 20/22 7.5 10.5 38 79.7 479
125/32(Four Girder) 19~28 20/22 7.5 12 38/37.4 79.7 484.5
140/40(Double Girder) 22~28 22 6.8 9.1 38 73 479
140/40(Four Girder) 22~28 22 6.8 9.6 38 77.8 510.5
160/40(Four Girder) 22~28 22 0.6~6 9.5 38 77.8
180/50(Four Girder) 28.5 27/29 7.2 9.3 38/40 86
200/50(Four Girder) 28 26 8 9.3 40 86
225/65(Four Girder) 27 28 8 10 40/38 87
240/75(Four Girder) 24 30

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